Chinese Marketing Analytics You Can Use

Get all your Chinese marketing data in one place: website, Baidu ads, SEO, WeChat, Zhihu and Xiaohongshu.

Graphic showing how data flows, starting with data from the sources (website, Baidu and social platforms), being merged together in a database and then being shown visually via Google Looker reports.
A Google looker report sample showing organic search visibility and keyword ranking on Baidu and Google, created by Nanjing Marketing Group

Interactive, visual reports

View keyword performance on Baidu and your website.

Compare content performance across all platforms.

Analyze long-term trends in followers, views, interactions, sales, and more.

Easily monitor your Baidu SEO

Track Baidu keyword rankings for your webpages and Zhihu.

Spot SEO problems with automated reports. We’ll proactively fix them.

Compare performance of SEM and SEO campaigns to find new opportunities.

Learn more about Dragon Metrics here.

Dragon Metrics report showing rank tracking and other information over time.
marketing plan

Simple, up-to-date marketing plans

You and we will develop a plan that’s actually useful – only about four pages long, but updated with new learnings regularly.

Complete database available

Want more raw data?

All the data from Baidu, WeChat, Zhihu, and other platforms will be available to you in a simple database in Google Sheets.

You can view data there, or connect to your own reporting tools.


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